Banana Rice Bread Mix
African Lady Foods' Banana Rice Bread is a filling and delicious pastry served at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is often served with coffee or tea.  Following our motto, Where Convenience Meets Great Taste, we took the recipe, made with...
Shortbread Biscuit Mix
Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our Shortbread Biscuit Mix makes mouthwatering caramelized shortbread biscuits.  Just one taste will have you wanting more! Pour our mix into a bowl, add ¾ cup of milk, stir, then bake for 15-20 minutes...
Baker's Bundle
2 Banana Rice Bread and 2 Shortbread Mixes
Ultimate ALF Bundle
6 products (Banana Rice Bread, Shortbread Biscuit Mix, Spicy Hot Seasoned Salt, Spicy Hot Smoked Herring Seasoned Salt, Spicy Hot Fried Pepper Sauce, Kitily Pepper Sauce)
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